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Stubb a Dub will never die
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July 2008
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Stubb a Dub will never die [userpic]
My Pome

I found an old notebook of mine from when I was around six or seven years old. I wrote a "pome" (poem) in it. It is as follows:

"The Earth is a sphere. To locate a point on the Earth you must know its latitude and longitude."

That's not even a pome. You weirdo.

Current Music: Private Life by Oingo Boingo

haha pome. i used to write 'pomes' and 'mail' them to katy when we were little. i typed it on my mom's typewriter and put it in her mailbox. they ALWAYS started with 'dear katie (that's how she spelled her name back then), i have a pome.' and then i'd do a 'roses are red, violets are blue, i like ice cream, and so do you' or something. i sucked.

She thought her name was spelled "Dear Katie"? That's so cute! TYRANNOSAURUS REX!

Ohhhh.... I see. Katie/Katy. I am bongai....