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Stubb a Dub will never die
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July 2008
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Stubb a Dub will never die [userpic]
Fuckable Wrapped Sausage

This little buddy's name is Fuckable Wrapped Sausage, and he is by Gregory Jacobsen.

Fuckable Wrapped Sausage by Gregory Jacobsen

You should go to his website http://gregoryjacobsen.com/ and look at his art if you know what's good for you. YES! He's my new favorite thing! Yesterday my new favorite thing was these little snackies called patiacitas from Julio's Barrio. They are full of cheese or something!

It looks like he has music too, but I haven't had a chance to look at that yet. But I bet it is either awesome, awful, or, preferably, both.

Current Music: Lipstick by The Buzzcocks

that's the most amazing thing. i don't know whether to eat it or have sex with it. maybe both.

hey, pal, you want friends times on wednesday?

OK yes friends time!!! I'll call you tomorrs. Also, did you check out that guy's site? There is a painting called "Bountiful Merkin Bag Corsage" that is very lulzy, also one called "Shit Beak" that is pretty divine.